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About The Product

R3 HRS is a unique solution offering the hair restoration support.

Pyridoxine, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Equisetum Arvense Extract, Cucumis Melo Extract, Ginseng Radix Alba, Ginko Biloba, Biotin, Green tea extract, Saw Palmetto

How to use

Step 1: Wash hair, make sure the scalp is clean

Step 2: On a dry and clean scalp, apply R3 HRS spray

Step 3: Gently massage to facilitate the absorption


  1. Improves scalp blood circulation
  2. Stimulates hair growth
  3. Reduces inflammation and oxidative stress
  4. Reduces hair loss
  5. Strengthens hair follicle
  6. Prolong hair growth period
  7. Reduces scalp oiliness
  8. Improves hair conditioning

Factors Influencing Hair Loss

Nutritional deficiency

Nutritional deficiency influences the health of the scalp and hair and may correlate with hair loss.

Accumulation of oxidative stress

Accumulation of oxidative stress from exposure to UV rays, pollution, stress, or inflammatory causes can damage hairs.

Reduction in the growth factors

Reduction in the growth factors can lead to the development of androgenetic alopecia

Accumulation of oxidative stress and nutrition deficiency can cause your hair to change colour, be weakened, or suffer hair loss. Hair derives its nutrients from the blood through the hair follicle, and metabolic requirements of follicle cells such as minerals and vitamins must be satisfied for optimal hair growth. When hair follicles are still present, even in a dormant state, it is possible to prevent and reverse hair loss.

Hair Restoration Support

(Vit. B6) acts as a hair growth stimulant and helps in hormonal balance
Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract
Helps improve hair growth, and acts as a humectant to help moisturize
and condition the hair and scalp

Equisetum Arvense Extract
Helps rejuvenate hairs and strengthen the hair shaft
Cucumis Melo Extract
Helps promote hair growth and prolongs anagen hair cycle
Ginseng Radix Alba
Helps promote hair growth by enhancing the proliferation
of dermal papilla and preventing hair loss
Ginko Biloba
Increase the blood circulation to feed the hair follicles
& prevent inammation around hair follicles
Helps strengthen and thicken the hairs
Green tea extract
Support healthy hair growth and regrowth
Saw Palmetto
Have the antiandrogenic properties

How to use R3HRS?

Wash hair, make sure the scalp is clean

Step 1

On a dry and clean scalp apply R3 HRS Spray (For better and fast results apply with micro needling)

Step 2

Gently massage to facilitate absorption

Step 3

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